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Museums of Crete:

Crete is home to some outstanding museums, with the Heraklion Archaeological Museum being acknowledged as of world class. Being the museum with the most complete collection of Minoan art and artifacts, it is one of many places on the island, along with the archaeological site of Knossos outside the city of Heraklion, that all visitors to Crete should make sure to visit to gain a broad appreciation of the importance of the island’s history globally.

Rich in tradition and ancient sites, Crete is an endless source of archaeological findings and places of historical importance with on-going excavations yielding more treasures from the past, continually. Crete’s museums, as the display centres for those findings, cover an exceptionally long period of human history from the early Neolithic over 9000 years ago through to modern times.

There are archaeological museums in all of the capitals of the island’s four prefectures, Heraklion’s being the most outstanding by far. That of Chania is at present housed in a fine Venetian period building in the centre of the town. It is not large enough for the many findings from western Crete. Chania’s new Archaeological Museum is scheduled to open in the spring of 2015 with much more of the art and artifacts from the western parts of Crete being displayed in a new state of the art specicially constructed building in the Chania suburb of Chalepa. Rethymno’s Archaeological Museum is housed in the pentagonal building beside the main entrance to the Fortezza. The Archaeological Museum of Aghios Nikolaos is located in one of the town’s main streets, at Konstantinou Paleologou 41.



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